Aktuelles EN - Hotel-Restaurant Herzogskelter
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Dates 2019

Wild and Sour Buffet
November 15 and 16, 2019

Soup, salad buffet, appetizer buffet, various main courses of game, tripe, sour kidney etc., dessert buffet.

Including aperitif, soft drinks, beer and wine selection as well as coffee specialities.

from 18:00 o’clock to 22:30 o’clock

per person 49,90 €

Only possible with reservation
Tickets can be collected from 1 October 2019.

Already fully booked! Already fully booked! Already fully booked!

Christmas brunch

25 December, 1st Christmas Day


With breakfast, starters, soups, seed buffet, various main courses – also vegetarian – and dessert buffet.

Including aperitif, all drinks, coffee specialities, wine list, beer and soft drinks.

per person 49,90 €
Children 5-11 years 25,00 €
Infants 5,00 €

By reservation only
Tickets can be collected from 1 November 2019.

Silvester 2019

from 18:00 to 22:30 open


Menu only possible with reservation!


Cold starter

Three things from “Hunt and Forest”

Deer, pheasant and duck

on pumpkin chutney and lamb’s lettuce



Veal bouillon with sherry and porcini mushroom flared eroulade


Warm intermediate course

Roasted sesame king prawns on

Curry- Cauliflower ragout with tomatoes Salsa


Main course to the election

Fillet of beef “Sous Vide”

cooked in one piece with aromas in port wine sauce and pork fillet on celery puree with herb cake


Salmon fillet “Strindberg” with onion-mustard crust on saffron barley with Riesling Espuma



Vanilla pumpkin seed ice cream with pumpkin seed oil on chocolate raspberry brownie with coffee whisky milk mousse