Speisekarte EN - Hotel-Restaurant Herzogskelter
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Auszug aus unserer Speisekarte

The Menu is translatet on the german page

Bei Umbestellung /Änderungen der Gerichte in unserer Karte kann es zu Preisanpassungen kommen.
If you order or change the dishes on our card, there may be price adjustments

Dear guests

Your well-being and your health are very important to us.

As food intolerances and allergies are on the increase, the European legislator has now acted and made a regulation on the labelling of allergenic substances in food, including for gastronomy, compulsory.

In order to keep our menu clear, we have created an extra menu for you, which our service colleagues will be happy to hand over to you on request.

Since in some cases cross-contamination of the products cannot be ruled out, please contact us about your intolerance or allergy, so that we can adjust to you correctly and professionally.

We wish you a good appetite!
Your team from Herzogskelter Güglingen

The 14 Allergens Indicators



A Cereal containing gluten

B crustaceans and products thereof

C Eggs and products thereof

D Fish and products thereof

E Groundnuts and products thereof

F Soya beans and products thereof

G Milk and products thereof

H Nuts and products thereof

I Celery and products thereof

J Mustard and products thereof

K Sesame seeds and products thereof

L Sulphur dioxide

M Lupins and products thereof

N Molluscs and products thereof

(2) with colorant, (2) preserved, (3) with antioxidant, (4) with flavor enhancer, (5) sulfurized, (6) blackened, (7) waxed, (8) with sweetener – contains a phenylalanine source, (9) with phosphate, (10) caffeine-containing, (11) quinine-containing