Abend Speisekarte EN - Hotel-Restaurant Herzogskelter
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From 5 p.m. until 10 p.m.

Monday to Saturday




Beef broth, daily additions 5,80

Rinderbrühe  5,80 mit tagesaktueller Einlage

Pumpkin soup, chili, ginger, coconut, cream and bread 6,80

Kürbiscreme Suppe 6,80 mit Chili, Ingwer, Zitronengras, Kokosmilch und Sahnehaube dazu Baguette


Leaf salads, orange honey dressing, beetroot and apple wedges 6,50

Gemischter Blattsalat an Sauerrahmdressing 6,50 mit verschiedenen Salaten


“Autumn awakening” the things on the slate 8,50

Terrine of pumpkin around Black Forest ham coat, lamb´s lettuce with pomegranate dressing and pine nuts, mushroom cream soup

„Herbsterwachen“ Dreierlei auf der Schieferplatte 8,50

Terrine von Kürbis um Schwarzwälder Schinken Mantel

Feldsalat mit Granatapfeldressing und Pinienkerne



Smoked salmon with honey mustard dip, hash browns and salad 11,90

Räucherlachs an Honig Senf Dip dazu Rösti und Salatnest 11,90


Game dishes and regional dishes


Mushroom soup with cream and bread

Pilzcremesuppe mit Sahnehaube dazu Brot


Sattle of Venison steak, breaded venison schnitzel with panko and pot rost from venison /deer with a juniper cream sauce and vegetables of the seson, pan fried dumpling slicees

Hirschrücken Steak, paniertes Hirschschnitzel mit Panko und Wildbratenan Wacholderrahmsauce dazu herbstliches Gemüseund gebratene Knödelscheiben


Pancakes with berries and a scoop of ice cream

Palatschinken mit Beeren und eine Kugel Eis


Menüpreis pro Person  per Person 34,90


half bavarian country duck on red cabbage and bread dumplings 23,50

Halbe Bayrische Land Ente auf Rotkraut und Semmelknödeln 23,50


Pot roast venison/deer  on a juniper cream sauce, served with cream savoy  and melted spaetzle 21,90

Wildbraten 21,90 an Wacholderrahmsauce dazu Sahnewirsing und geschmälzte Spätzle


Venison schnitzel breaded in a panko coat with wild sauce with red wine, pumpkin- potatoe -mashed and cranberries 24,80

Hirschschnitzel 24,80 im Panko Mantel paniert dazu Wildsauce mit Rotwein, Kürbis Kartoffelstampf und Preiselbeeren


Game potty 29,50 roe deer and stag with fried mushrooms in juniper cream and fried dumpling slices

Wildtöpfle 29,50 von Reh und Hirsch mit gebratenen Pilzen in Wachholderrahm dazu gebratenen Knödelscheiben


Game plate 29,80 medaillions of roe deer and venison with cafe de paris sauce, roasted mushrooms on pumkin-potatoe- mashed and venison ravioli

Wildteller 29,80 Medaillons von Reh- und Hirschrücken an Cafè de Paris Sauce dazu gebratene Pilze auf Kürbis- Kartoffelstampf und Wildmaultasche

sauerbraten of beef 21,90 in its own sauce with red cabbage and bread dumplings

Sauerbraten vom Rind 21,90 in eigener Sauce dazu Rotkraut und Semmelknödel



Sour kidneys from pork in sherry cream sauce with pan fried potatoes 15,80

Saure Nierle vom Schwein 15,80 in Sherryrahmsauce dazu Bratkartoffeln

Tripe in Trollinger sauce with pan fried potatoes 14,90

Kutteln 14,90 in Trollinger Sauce dazu Bratkartoffeln


Lentils with spaetzle, sausage and bacon 15,50

Linsen mit Spätzle 15,50 mit Saitenwurst und Speck



Chanterelles a la creme with bread dumplings and salad 20,50

Pfifferlinge a la Crème 20,50 (vegetarisch) mit Semmelknödel und bunten Salaten


“Stroganoff” with riast beef fillet tips garnished with beetroot, pickles, onion strips and sour cream in lemberger sauce with hash browns

Rinderfilet Töpfle „Stroganoff“ 26,50 mit gebratenen Rinderfiletspitzen garniert mit roter Beete, Essiggurken, Zwiebelstreifen und Schmand in Lemberger Sauce dazu Kartoffelrösti


Fillet of beef with red wine sauce, gnocchi and fried mushrooms

180g   30,90    240g   35,60

Gebratenes Rinderfilet an Rotweinsauce mit gebratenen Pilzen dazu gefüllte Kartoffel-Gnocchi

180g   30,90           240g   35,60


Black halibut fillet in a grainy mustard sauce, butterleek and pumpkin- potatoe- mashed 27,50

Gebratenes Schwarzer Heilbutt Filet an körniger Senfsauce dazu Butterlauch und Kürbis-Kartoffelstampf






Beefsteak,onion jus, swabian ravioli

Lady cut ca. 180g                 21,90

Master cut ca. 230g                23,90


Tenderloin of pork, creamy mushroom sauce  18,90

Roastet corn chicken breast, gravy  18,60

Pepper rump steak (argentine), red wine sauce, butter with herbs 23,60

Veal saddle Schnitzel, mushroom cream sauce, fried mushrooms 22,90



Spaetzle 3,20

French fries 3,-

pumkin mashed potatoes 3,70

Gnocchi filled cream cheese, herbs 3,30

allmond croquettes 3,20

pan fried potatoes 3,50



Grilled carrots 2,50

cream savoy 3,20

red cabbage 3,00

brussels sprout 3,50

Small Salad Bowl 3,30

extra sauce: Jus, red wine sauce, creamy sauce 1,50





Potato cream cheese gnocchi on pumpkin ragout and butter peas with beetroot salad  17,50

Kartoffel- Frischkäse- Gnocchi auf Kürbis Ragout und Buttererbsen mit Rote Beete Salat 17,50




Pumpkin cream soup 6,80 with chili, ginger, lemongrass, coconut milk and baguette

Kürbiscreme Suppe 6,80 mit Chili, Ingwer, Zitronengras, Kokosmilch dazu Baguette


Vegane Couscous Karotten-Schnitten 18,50 auf gebratenem Zucchini- Pilzragout mit Rote Beete Chutney und Kräuter Dip dazu kleiner Salat

Vegan couscous 18,50 carrott slices on pan fried zucchini mushroom ragout and beetroot chutney, herbal dip and small salad

Vegan chocolate and wild berries ice cream with dessert cherries 6,20

Vegan Menü starter, maindish, dessert 28,90





Apple fritters with cinnamon and sugar, vanilla sauce and vanilla ice cream and dessert cherries 9,80

Sweet crepe ( pancake)  with berry ragout, cream quark and fruits 8,50

Walnut icecream 6,20 with dessert cherrys and whipped cream

Sorbet plate 8,50 with two kind of sorbet, fruit sauce and fruits

Three kinds of plum 10,90 plum ice cream, plum dumplings and plum ragout

vegan:chokolade forest berries, dessert cherrys 6,20



Breaded children´s schnitzel, french fries

Paniertes Kinderschnitzel mit Pommes Frites 7,50


Medaillons of Pork fillet, cream sauce, vegetables, spaetzle

Medaillons vom Schweinefilet in Rahmsauce dazu Gemüse und Spätzle 8,20


French fries, ketchup, mayonnaise

Pommes Frites mit Ketchup und Mayonnaise 4,30


Spaetzle, gravy

Spätzle mit Bratensauce 4,40


Robber plate

Räuberteller 1,50




Vanilla ice cream, smarties

Vanilleeis mit Smarties 2,30


Bei Umbestellung /Änderungen der Gerichte in unserer Karte kann es zu Preisanpassungen kommen.
If you order or change the dishes on our card, there may be price adjustments

Dear guests

Your well-being and your health are very important to us.

As food intolerances and allergies are on the increase, the European legislator has now acted and made a regulation on the labelling of allergenic substances in food, including for gastronomy, compulsory.

In order to keep our menu clear, we have created an extra menu for you, which our service colleagues will be happy to hand over to you on request.

Since in some cases cross-contamination of the products cannot be ruled out, please contact us about your intolerance or allergy, so that we can adjust to you correctly and professionally.

We wish you a good appetite!
Your team from Herzogskelter Güglingen

The 14 Allergens Indicators



A Cereal containing gluten

B crustaceans and products thereof

C Eggs and products thereof

D Fish and products thereof

E Groundnuts and products thereof

F Soya beans and products thereof

G Milk and products thereof

H Nuts and products thereof

I Celery and products thereof

J Mustard and products thereof

K Sesame seeds and products thereof

L Sulphur dioxide

M Lupins and products thereof

N Molluscs and products thereof

(2) with colorant, (2) preserved, (3) with antioxidant, (4) with flavor enhancer, (5) sulfurized, (6) blackened, (7) waxed, (8) with sweetener – contains a phenylalanine source, (9) with phosphate, (10) caffeine-containing, (11) quinine-containing